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Top Reasons Why You Should Consider STD Testing

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Top Reasons Why You Should Consider STD Testing

Testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is an easy and straightforward process. Still, it’s one that many people overlook or avoid. That’s too bad — because regular testing benefits you and your partners.

As a top-ranked provider of urgent care specifically for women, Feminine Urgicare offers STD testing and treatment to help women stay healthy at every age. In this post, learn seven reasons why STD testing is so important and why you should make it part of your regular health care routine.

1. STDs are more common than you think

Every year, millions of STDs are diagnosed in the United States, and roughly 20% of Americans have an STD at any given moment — that’s about 70 million infections. Across the globe, about a million people develop an STI daily, and most of those cause few, if any, symptoms.

Not only are STDs more common than many people think, but they’re also highly contagious. Even if you think you’re taking ample precautions, it’s still essential to have regular STD testing to rule out infection or identify it — and treat it — as early as possible.

2. STD symptoms can be challenging to identify

As mentioned in the point above, many STDs cause few or no symptoms in their early stages. That means you could have an STD and not even know it, allowing the infection to progress to a much more serious — and more challenging to treat — stage.

That’s why the CDC recommends regular STD testing for anyone sexually active. Regular testing can identify STDs as early as possible, whether you have symptoms or not.

3. STDs can cause serious health problems

Without prompt treatment, STD infections can spread to other areas of your body. Eventually, an untreated infection can lead to serious complications, like heart disease, arthritis, blindness, kidney disease, and cancer. Having regular STD testing supports early detection and early treatment to help prevent complications and keep you healthy.

4. Testing protests your partners

STD testing is critical for maintaining your own health, but it’s also important for the health of your partner. Because many STDs are symptomless or cause mild symptoms that can be attributed to another cause (like a minor cold), it’s extremely easy to pass an infection to someone else inadvertently. Regular testing keeps your partners safe from infections and complications.

5. STDs can affect your fertility

Because STDs typically involve or occur near your reproductive system, these infections can have a significant impact on your ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term. They can also affect an unborn baby. Regular testing helps you get treatment early before damage to your reproductive system occurs.

6. STD testing is quick and confidential

STD testing typically involves a simple urine or blood test. If you have sores, we may take samples of tissue or fluids for additional evaluation. Testing itself is quick, and results are rapid, too. 

7. STD treatment works best when started early

Thanks to recent medical advances, most STDs can be successfully treated with medication. The key is to start treatment as early as possible. Regular testing supports prompt treatment that helps eliminate all traces of your infection. 

Even when complete eradication isn’t an option (as with herpes), early treatment helps you manage your symptoms more effectively. 

Scheduling regular STD testing is critical for your health and for the health of those you love. To find out more about testing or to schedule testing, request an appointment online or over the phone with the team at Feminine Urgicare in Paramus, New Jersey, today.